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Creative Process

Step 1. Concept

To say there is a “Step 1″ at all is a complete hoax. The truth is, most ideas have been brewing for so long that Step 1, would actually have numerous prequels. One idea came from … [Read More...]

Step 2. Paper

Always start on paper. ALWAYS start on paper. There is no denying that the more options you have the better off the end result will be. In design, there has been recent trends … [Read More...]

Step 3. Production

Medium. Check. Goal. Check. Platform. Check. Deadlines. Check. And so now it is all systems go. However, there is a small (I exaggerate.) issue of knowing the proper … [Read More...]

Step 4. Prepress

Ah, the smell of fresh ink. This is where the two worlds of digital and print meet. REALLY meet. Assuming the files have been produced in the appropriate manner, and assuming you … [Read More...]

Step 5. Approval

While this could be Step 4a. There is actually more than meets the eye with proofs and the approval process. By this point, all that should stand in your way to giving this project … [Read More...]

Step 6. Going Public

This is the final step before starting the process over again. In some cases, you might even get a little publicity. In most cases, you’ve already started your next project way … [Read More...]